Testogen Ingredients. Does TestoGen Really Work?

How does the power of 100% natural ingredients in TestoGen help men?

Here's the science bit.

Testosterone is a well-known and important steroid hormone that makes all males men. This process starts before their birth, peaks with their puberty, and then decreases with aging. There are certain features related to losing testosterone while aging, including the rates of loss that don't look good.

If muscles and physical performance are important to you, that's the bad news, but this loss also affects men in many other ways, including the following:

  • Ongoing depression and tiredness
  • Body fat that starts to increase around the waist
  • Reduced libido and other sexual problems that cause relationships issues
  • Decreased memory and concentration

The good news is that men can do something about it with ease, because they have TestoGen that offers a 100% safe and natural way to solve these problems!

What are the ingredients in Testogen?

This product contains only natural and effective ingredients that are given in the right amount and work as powerful testosterone boosters:

D-Aspartic Acid

d-aspartic acidIt's an amino acid regulator that helps the body produce more hormones, such as the luteinizing one, thus, stimulating testosterone production and lean muscle development and increasing overall stamina and strength.

This ingredient also helps men's metabolism and increases its libido.


fenugreekThis herb has its excellent testosterone-boosting and libido-improving results. It offers a natural and safe way to boost your stamina, strength and vitality, because it enhances insulin release that improves muscles.

It also has amazing antioxidant properties to guarantee that all harmful free radicals don't harm the body and don't prevent it from working effectively.

Ginseng Extract

red-ginsengIt's extracted from the roots of one plant, and it's famous for its aphrodisiac properties, thus, providing users with a natural testosterone and libido booster. Its intake stimulates libido and protects testes from being damaged by harmful dioxins, thus, contributing to stronger erections. This ingredient provides men with a strong factor, sharpens them both mentally and physically and makes them ready to do everything!


It's a natural trace mineral that can be found in soils, and it's also included in the formula of TestoGen as sodium selenite. This component makes different body processes function properly while helping users improve the effect of antioxidants, because they are important for their proper health. It eliminates toxins from the body and lowers blood pressure.

Vitamin B

vitamin B6It also belongs to the amino-acid group, and all vitamins are organic compounds important for better health. This vitamin works by converting carbohydrates into energy, and TestoGen offers 3 types, including B6, B5 and B2. The latter one boosts energy production, so it's often included in energy drinks. B5 supports adrenal glands by releasing steroid hormones and providing more energy to the body, while B6 functions in liver and enhances amino-acid metabolism. Besides, it's involved in producing serotonin in the brain.

Vitamin D

vitamin DTestoGen includes vitamin D3 that belongs to secosteroids and works by improving free testosterone levels of users. They aren't attached to any protein, so they're just floating in the bloodstream. This active ingredient also slows down the rates of testosterone conversion into estrogen, which is a great benefit to all men.

Zinc Gluconate

zincIs a really effective testosterone booster and well-known aphrodisiac; zinc is a major component of oysters. It's also essential for keeping your sperm healthy and responsible for a whole lot of bodily functions working properly.

You can lose zinc through sweat so it's vital to keep your levels topped up if you are into fitness - or any other activity that makes you sweat!

Tribulus Terrestris

It's also recognized as Devil's Claw, and this herb doesn't look like its natural state, but it provides men with many amazing properties. For example, it contains steroidal saponin, and it's been used in traditional medicine for many years. This element is popular for its great testosterone-boosting effects and the ability to help users build muscles and reproductive tissues.

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How can these claims be proven?

There is enough research related to the effectiveness of testosterone boosters. When using TestoGen, you can be sure about getting desirable effects, so check this sample of clinical studies and tests below:

1. D-Aspartic acid is proven to raise testosterone levels in the study performed by Italian scientists a few years ago. They concluded that this active ingredient is an important physiological amino acid that is present mainly in testes and pituitary glands. It plays an important role in regulating the synthesis and release of testosterone in people.

2. Fenugreek and its effectiveness are supported by the study conducted by one Australian scientist. It's stated that this ingredient has incredible positive effects when it comes to physiological factors of libido, so it can help men maintain their healthy testosterone levels.

3. The controlled studies of Ginseng conducted by American scientists backed up the improvement of exercise performance, maximal oxygen uptake, muscular strength, heart rate, serum lactate, alertness and other important areas, including increased psychomotor skills.

4. A group of scientists reported that the traditional use of Tribulus Terrestris is validated as an effective sexual enhancer when managing male sexual dysfunction and their studies prove it.

Visit our FAQs page page to get more information and references.

TestoGen is safe, natural and effective

All of Testogen natural active ingredients are of the best quality, and they are proven to help men raise their testosterone levels. You only need to take 4 capsules a day after meals, so everything is simple. What are you still waiting for?

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